Quickreport for FireMonkey v2 beta XE2,XE5

The QuickReport fmxQuickrep© component allows reports to be executed on other platforms ( so far only Mac OS-X ) using the dfm file of the report, and by adding any code required to the application.

دانلود کامپوننت Quickreport for firemonkey


 This component has code that will analyse a dfm file and recreate the report in memory ready to be executed. Execution is performed by one of the component methods.


This component behaves like a dataset, but has no connection to a datatable or query. Instead the fields are createdmanually. Whenever the Next method is called, the GetRecord event handler is called. When a bound control needs data the SetFieldValue event handler is called.


دانلود نسخه کرک شده برای : Delphi XE2,XE5

ورژن: Quickreport for FireMonkey v2 beta (XE2,XE5)

محصول کشور : انگستان

وب سایت شرکت سازنده

حجم فایل : 27.26 مگابایت

پسوند فایل : 7z